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Founded in 1970 as the Law Offices of Joseph J. D’Andre, the partnership of D’Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Rosenberg provides a full range of litigation services to clients throughout Northern and Southern California, from offices located in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. The partnership specializes in the defense of employers and insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases. In addition to handling all aspects of workers’ compensation defense and related matters, the firm offers services in subrogation, discrimination, public agency retirement law, workers’ compensation fraud and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The attorneys with D’Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Rosenberg have more than forty years of successful litigation in workers’ compensation issues and are sensitive to the differing needs of self-insured and privately insured companies. Our philosophy is to vigorously represent the interests of our client with emphasis on an expedient, cost-effective resolution and file closures. We believe this is best achieved through interactive dialogue with both the insurer and employer. Recognizing that each case is unique, we work with our client to assess whether a quick resolution or an aggressive defense through trial and post-trial proceedings are appropriate.

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