California Department of Industrial Relations – Require Appearances by Phone

Beginning April 13, all DWC judges in California will hear cases (excluding trials and lien conferences) by an individually assigned TOLL-FREE conference line. A list of all-conference line numbers has been posted online at

There will be a DWC staff person on the phone to direct you on what to do. If the judge has a heavy calendar, they may ask for your email and instruct you to call back in later after other conferences are taken care of, similar to a decision to take some cases first when handling in-person hearings.

Also beginning April 13, attorneys are expected to appear telephonically if they have a matter on calendar, but judges are expected to be lenient under the circumstances in continuing matters if there is a non-appearance. It is recommended you call in right at 8:30 am or 1:30 pm depending on your hearing notice. DWC will continue to only accept filing by e-filing via EAMS, JET file or by mail. No walk through documents.